Owning a phone doesn’t mean enduring an exorbitant investment. The circumstances are different, clearly, since phone producers are making it more inexpensive than any time recently to possess a smartphone. Take for example ZTE, who for a very long time put its consideration on making entry-level devices that were simple on the pockets, yet is making a noteworthy charge once more by raising the stakes with its most recent inexpensive choice.

A great many people concur that sub-$200 is quite forceful for shiny new phones; be that as it may, ZTE believes that more should be possible. Slicing that cost down by half, the ZTE ZMAX Pro is obviously enticing with its difficult to-oppose cost of $99.00 – and that is all will need to pay for it. This limit won’t be anything new for the prepaid market, yet what makes it noteworthy is the way that it’s slapped with a helpful unique fingerprint sensor, something you wouldn’t expect at a cheap price like this.


Image result for zte zmax pro designThe primary order of business with the design is its size, something that is apparently going be the greatest major issue for individuals. It’s a strong enormous phone that pushes it well into the phablet classification, so it’s genuinely a modest bunch to operate. Being so wide and each of the, two-handed operation will be the favored technique with the ZMAX Pro, since one hand operation is almost inconceivable unless you have bigger than-normal hands.

Apart from the size, ZTE has really molded it with a lovely design that doesn’t make it feel like a phone in its price sort. The delicate touch matte complete of the back consolidated with the false metal bezel are pleasant touches, pushing it well past the setting of being “inexpensively” made. We truly didn’t feel that a phone could be this nice looking and built, in light of the fact that phones under the $100 limit have a tendency to be not very impressive as far as this.


6 inch Gorilla Glass with 1080p TFT LCD display, which you won’t get in smartphone under $100. Even better, the way that they’ve picked to run with 1080p determination demonstrates that they need to create an impression – verifiably saying that phones of this stature merit more. What’s more, to that, it’s amusing to realize that it’s sufficiently gritty to make out.

Despite the fact that it achieves a peak brightness output of 460 nits, the general tone of the display appears to be washed out. Without a doubt, we burrow the specs for a phone of this stature, yet our testing uncovers that its trademark aren’t exactly up to the levels you’d find in some pricier things. On the other hand, would it be advisable for us to be astonished by this disclosure?


Considering its price point, the Snapdragon 617 chip bodes well in running this inexpensive smartphone. Matched with 2GB of RAM, it suffices for the essential stuff, yet it’s not suited to accomplish more serious operations – gaming specifically, where it displays excessively unevenness for it to be a candidate. Alright, it’s not the gaming sort, nor is it for power users who request significantly more, however on a base level, its hardware mix is sufficient to get by.

For $99.00, we’re in reality prettyencouraged to know it’s pressing 32GB of inner stockpiling. Best of all, as well, you can supplement its ability on the grounds that there’s a microSD opening available. It’s an element that individuals presumably wouldn’t hope to discover in a phone with its cost; however it’s delightful that they selected to offer it.

Leading phones calls is a breeze with this one, thanks to some degree to the boisterous volume out of its earpiece and speakerphone – it’s sufficiently intense to use in loud conditions. Going with the solid volumes, we have clear and unmistakable voices also that fortify its performance in this aspect. On the flip side of the line, as well, our callers didn’t have any issues recognizing our voice.


The absolute most underrated segment about the ZMAX Pro as we would like to think is its battery, an unassuming 3500 mAh cell to be correct. Considering the phone’s monstrous size, you may think it could’ve been bigger, yet don’t be tricked in light of the fact that when it’s combined with Snapdragon 617 processor and 1080p resolution screen, it delivers longer life span like no other. Truth be told, we’re ready to traverse a strong 2 days of battery life – and even into early third day.

USB C Type charger takes around 2 hours to completely revive its battery power. That stamp won’t be near a portion of the speediest energizing phones out there, however it’s not the slowest either at doing it.


In all decency, the range where we see the greatest dissimilarity as far as quality against higher-estimated choices is the performance in its cameras. For the ZTE ZMAX Pro, it depends on a blend comprising of a 13MP back camera and a 5MP front-facing one. There’s nothing whimsical about them, nor the installed hardware – they’re similarly as normal as some other low estimated phone. Running the camera application, there’s a not too bad blend of modes and choices available to us, similar to its manual mode, which individuals will most likely appreciate having in a phone like this.

Moving onto video covering, which beat out at 1080p resolution, the outcomes don’t enhance much by any stretch of the imagination, as the overall performance is still take capture. Sharpening enhancement again is clear here, yet this time;videos have a tendency to have an under-presented tone to them. Also, don’t try utilizing it under low light, since noise and its unclear outcomes don’t make it complimenting to watch.


Idealists will love that the ZTE ZMAX Pro is for the most part running a stock ordeal. Specifically, it’s running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, which has the general look and feel of stock Android. Anybody getting into Android will have a simple time acclimating since it’s truly streamlined and clear. Yes, there’s some bloatware from MetroPCS, however given that it’s helpless before the company, it’s something you’d anticipate.

Power users, however, will most likely feel that the experience isn’t up to snuff with their requests. Multi-tasking is largely earmarked to simply apps switching with the current apps menu, yet you won’t locate whatever other upgraded features that would help in its efficiency. The greatest question with the phone, much like most expenses stuff, is regardless of whether it’ll get moved up to the following variant of Android in an opportune way.


Owning a low-priced phone no longer means you’re getting a shabby phone, that is simply not the case any longer in the wake of looking at the ZTE ZMAX Pro. With this price tag is without any uncertainties a strong precede onward its part, particularly given its phone-tablet function and the consideration of a unique fingerprint sensor. These are two things specifically that you wouldn’t hope to discover in a phone in its price range, yet that is the excellence about it – you do get them!