Must-Have Checklist For College Students

And so, the time has come for college students to start preparing what they need. The preparation is something crucial for freshmen who have yet to have the things in the equipment checklist of college student. It’s true that depending on the major, there will be specific equipments needed. However, the needs of college students are generally the same to one another. Everyone needs good things to support them in aiming for a degree with remarkable marks. Those things needed are not just about stationeries but also items for daily lives or gadgets for the more convenient college activities.

There are various things can be considered and the number can be overwhelming. If you’re searching for good recommendations, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can find great recommendations to the items you will need in your college days.

A Slim and Lightweight Laptop

acer14If back then in the, past college students used several notebooks to take notes, modern students need only one laptop. Because students will move from class to class for lectures, it’s obvious that the laptop needs to have high portability. This slime and lightweight laptop can be considered. Acer Chromebook 14 is laptop with 14-inch screen and Intel Celeron N3160 Quad-Core Processor of 1.6GHz (can run up to 2.24 GHz). It has 4GB SDRAM as well as 32GB internal storage. It’s small and light enough to be carried easily and the long battery life (approximately 12 hour) makes it even more convenient.

Additional Storage Space for the Laptop

Imagine the hectic day doing college assignments those need to be finished soon but then you realize that you don’t have enough space to keep your assignment files (it could be documents or media).Inside of laptops meant for students, the storage is generally sufficient. That being said, it doesn’t stop some people from getting additional storage space in form of portable external hard disk drive. Many use these HDD as backup storage while some use these HDD as primary storage – so that the internal storage won’t be full all the time.

seagateplusPlenty options of external HDD can be found out there and all of them have 3.0 USB. Just choose the one considered as the best. When it comes to the selection of an item labeled as the best. There is always a need to consider several important things. In the case of external hard disk drive, some things often taken into consideration include storage capacity, design and other details.

lacieIf you want stylish design aside of the capacity of the external HDD, LaCie Porsche Design P9220 has stylish design with metal like finish while only have 1TB capacity. The capacity is large enough and will be more than sufficient for you as student. However, if for you 1TB is not enough; consider to get the ones with larger capacity. Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim is good choice. The design is very unique and interesting. The circles engraved on its casing make holding the HDD a very comfortable thing. Aside of that, it has 2TB storage capacity.

seagate1If you desire the external hard disk drive with more storage capacity, the Seagate Backup Plus might be the ideal one for you. Some majors will be quite harsh when it comes to the file size of every assignment as well as the software necessary for the college activities. Larger capacity will be better. Now, this one HDD has capacity of 4TB and that’s a huge one. And as if 4TB capacity is not enough, there will be the additional 200GB storage space on cloud. Admittedly, the HDD looks rather bulky and not particular has the appealing design but perfect for those who prefer capacity.

ruggedWhat if you are quite a klutz and need sturdiness over everything else? As many known already, external hard disk drives can be rather fragile and easily get broken. Luckily, there are rugged external HDDs. LaCie Rugged Mini is an example to be chosen. It’s good external hard disk drive with a set of resistances towards, water, shock, dust as well as resistance towards impact of drops of certain heights. The storage capacity is 2TB and it will be large enough.

Mini Projector for Presentation

projectorSometimes, college students need to make presentation in front of the others. While it’s a common thing to see the projector being provided, it wouldn’t hurt to have a personal projector that can be carried around with ease. Scratch that image of the projector you often see and take a good look at Sony HD Mobile Projector. This projector is in the size of a smartphone. It can be connected through Wi-Fi, HDMI or MHL and it has the capability to project up to 12-inch screen in HD.

All in One Printer to Complete It All

printerAssignments sometimes need to be printed. Sometimes, there’s a need to copy documents or maybe book pages or simply scan them to make a digital copy. A printer that can do all these things will be greatly welcomed. Epson WF-2750 is one great option to be considered. It can do all those tasks and additionally, it can be connected without wires. A Wi-Fi connection will be more than sufficient.

Keep Everything from Losing

tile-keyThere is no worst nightmare than losing the papers or maybe other forms of important assignments when they need to be brought and submitted. Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent the lost. This Tile Key Finder can be used. It is small tag that can be attached to important items like keys, smartphones and more. It can be tracked via Bluetooth and thus making finding important items an easier thing. No more losing important papers.

Keeping Oral Hygiene with Proper Tool

sonicteethToothbrush is naturally an important thing for anyone. Just imagine a day when you go out without brushing your teeth properly. Don’t blame other people for being uncomfortable to talk to you as you have bad breath. Philips Sonicare 2 Series will be a good addition. It has a set of great features that leads this one electric toothbrush one of the best to be used to keep oral hygiene.

Grab Extra Energy from Time to Time

redbullThere are times when time runs too fast and too many things need to be done. When everything takes toll on the body, energy drains quickly and a can of Red Bull Energy Drink might help. Just a little boost of energy won’t hurt anyone. Don’t ever lose to the hectic schedule and mountains of assignments. Grab a can and continue.