IQair HealthPro 250

IQair HealthPro 250 is, without a doubt, the ultimate air purifier and that is not at all an exaggeration. Yes, when it comes to my health, if there is one product I will ever trust with all of my being it must be the IQair series. Bear with me on this one, just to be perfectly clear, let me disclose a few important things about myself. Let’s start with the fact that I am asthmatic and the symptoms worsen quick in a blink of an eye during spring. Living in a place where it is the home of the dreaded pollen can make one’s life extremely miserable to say the least, I am sure those who suffer from allergy will agree with me on this one. To make things worse, I am an animal lover and with that being said, I must disclose that I have 3 large dogs and 1 cat in the house.

Does that not seem like a recipe for disaster? Yes, but all of those aspects no longer bother me – all thanks to the one and only IQair HealthPro 250.

I used to think dehumidifier or ionizer was a lifesaver, but my symptoms worsened. This was baffling, and I did not know what was wrong with me. As it turns out, inhaling ions or ozone does not hal asthma – quite the contrary, it aggravates the condition. That was the moment I decided to search for a better medical-grade air purifier, and that was when I discovered the HealthPro. With a sleek modular-tower design, the air purifier comes with 4-filters with impressive filtration system. Not only does it remove odor and gas, it also effectively removes more than 99.97-percent of ultra fine particles and pollutants as well as VOCs. Everything from pollen, viruses, pet dander, dust, mold spores and many more are gone before they had the chance to be breathed into with this IQair HealthPro 250.