Igloo Sportsman 55

Igloo Sportsman 55 is, by far, the best roto molded cooler on the market. Being someone who loves the outdoor life, I have a lot to appreciate especially when summer comes around as the season always calls for more fun in the sun. That is also another reason that leads me to my next point: I also appreciate a dependable and high-quality cooler just as much as I appreciate the season.

When it comes to a roto molded cooler, the wide range of available options on the market makes making a final decision all the more overwhelming. But if there is one thing that many of us can agree on, it is the fact that this type of cooler is incredibly expensive. Often we chuck it up to an idiom that says “when there is price, there is quality.” That is the reason I always ended up purchasing a cooler that is expensive and to be perfectly honest, well out of my price range. I mean, I would rather pay for the drinks to stuff in the cooler than paying more for the cooler. But then I came across Igloo Sportsman 55.

I was pleasantly surprised that Igloo was sold at much affordable price, but then I started to question its quality. However, a quick chat with a fellow roto molded cooler fanatics, I found that their quality is equal to those of larger brands. With anti-skid material and sturdy built, the Sportsman is made to last; and although it’s large and fit many cans and bottles, this 40-quart cooler is not heavy at all as it is weighing just about 41.95 pounds. Unlike its competitors, this cooler comes with secure lid latches and hinges so your beverage will stay cold for longer. Yes, even when tested in the most extreme temperatures with the lid remained open, this Igloo Sportsman 55 can hold ice for more than 5 days.