Double Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit is a very cute pet but it is not a secret that caring for this fluffy animal can be very hard. One rabbit might be easy but if you have two, it can be very challenging. You need to give them great food, and most importantly, you need to pay attention to their hutch. It is unwise to keep two rabbit in one hutch so you need to prepare an excellent double rabbit hutch. When it comes to rabbit hutch for two, Budburry Farm has one of the best products and here are the reasons why:


The two rabbit hutches are built in two storey style. This way, each rabbit will have adequate place for themselves but at the same time, it doesn’t waste too much space in your backyard. One of the most important things about taking care of rabbits is keeping them clean. The two hutches come with a front door style so you can easily reach every corner. Furthermore, there is a plastic tray underneath every hatch for easier cleaning.

The hutch is also very safe because it is built with high quality woods and heavy duty wires. It will ensure the rabbits cannot escape and predators cannot break the hutches and threaten the bunnies.


  • Two storey design for 2 rabbits separately.
  • Strong construction that cannot be damaged by the rabbits and predators.
  • Each storey has plastic tray for easier cleaning.


  • It will be too small for big size rabbits.


The best thing about this double hutch is its strong construction. It will keep the rabbits save from possible predators and the two storey design give each rabbit plenty of room for themselves. It is also very easy to clean which can save your time as well as keep the rabbits healthy. This is not the hutch you want if your rabbits are big, but it will be perfect for smaller rabbits or guinea pigs.