[DIY] How To Recondition Dead Battery

dead-batteryRemember when we were kids we use to dry up our dead batteries from our RC toys under the sun for several hours ? All the sudden our dead batteries get to life again, although only work for couple minutes. Back then, we called it “magic”, but now it’s science.

What if now we can recondition our dead batteries and make it “like-new” condition again everytime you need them ?

You probably will save a bunch of money if you know this DIY battery reconditioning technique ! Just imagine the money you can save in your pocket plus you can sell the reconditioned batteries at a price people can’t resist

Although reconditioning dead battery can be a little inconvenient, it sure will save you money from buying a new one. And if you’re good at it, you can make it as a hobby that will make you money. Once you’re use to it, it will be fairly simple and inexpensive (if not free)

Here are Some Basic Info about Battery Reconditioning

1. Reconditioning Your Battery IS NOT the same as Recharging
You can recharge battery with a good working battery. Once it’s dead, you can’t recharge anymore or it won’t last long since it can’t keep the electricity. But with reconditioning it’s like fixing a dead battery so it can restore to its full capacity. This have something to do with the inside of the battery.

2. You Can Recondition Any Type of Battery
Any type of batteries can be restored successfully such as 12v car battery, deep gel/cycle types, or even the latest car batteries using lead acid can be reconditioned using these techniques. For beginner, you need to know different type of batteries since each type have different approach or method in reconditioning them.

Cautions: You need to follow and be aware of the basic safety guidelines on all time. For instance, when dealing with car battery, you need to be cautious when handling the lead acid. Just make sure you stick with the safety guidelines and work cautiously.

Many of these battery reconditioning tools and ingredients are simple and mostly you already have them. The hardest part is to learn how to do them properly following the step by step guidelines. This will not only help you to learn the process safely, faster and easy, but also to help protect the environment from the hazardous material from the old battery’s waste.

How Battery Reconditioning Works ?

renewIn order to create electricity, for example, in an automobile lead acid batteries, the sulfate reaction of lead plates immersed in sulfuric acid produce lead sulfate. When the battery is recharged, this lead sulfate is converted back to sulfuric acid and lead to be later use for electricity. However, in a dead battery, the lead sulfate converted to crystalline form that coats the lead plates of the battery which will then reduce its capacity. This process is known as the common failure in lead acid batteries. Battery reconditiong works by reversing sulfation using a specialized pulse, a high-current that effectively converts the crystalline lead sulfate¬† into sulfur acid and lead. Therefore, you’ll get a clean lead plates and restoring its full capacity.

So before you decide to buy a new replacement batteries for your smartphone, laptop, car, home appliances, and many more make sure you try reconditioning your old batteries first ! And once you enjoy and good at what you’re doing, you can make extra cash by picking up dead car or golf-cart batteries for free, recondition them, and sell them for profit.

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