CuisinArt MultiClad Pro

This article is going to look at the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro series from the world leading manufacturer that has been in the industry since the 1971. Being a household name, it is not a wonder that we can easily trust the product. But as someone who would like to know more about the product way before we make a final decision on whether or not to purchase it, we naturally want to get as much information as possible. If that is the reason that led you to this page, you have come to the right place.

Just like many of you, we have used various clad stainless cookware over the years and there is a reason why we love high quality clad cookware. The main reason being it is, by far, the best type of material to ensure even cooking and at the same time can prevent hot spots. Our previous clad cookware set was not from Cuisinart, and while they worked well over the years, the problem lies in the fact that they came with welded handles that transfer heat and had issues with hot spots. On top of that, they were neither oven-proof or dishwasher-safe. With the raving reviews surrounding Cuisinart in general made us wonder if Cuisinart Multiclad Pro packs the same punch.

Turns out, they’re more impressive than we gave them credit for. After a month of frequent use, we can finally conclude that it is a thing of beauty. It comes with a long handle that buffers heat. Most importantly, the cookware set is actually dishwasher-safe and oven-proof; which means we can saute or sear the dish on our stovetop for a bit and the finish it off by broiling or baking it in the oven. The best thing from this set? The fact that it cleans up easily, delivers consistent result and is dependable makes Cuisinart Multiclad Pro the best on the market.