How To Improve Memory ?

Those first signs of slipping memory can be a little alarming – especially if you know the dreariness of that route. You may first see it in your 40s, or even younger, with memory loss symptoms like slower facial recall or where you left your keys. What groceries were you supposed to buy? Wait – you forgot your grocery list at home. While it’s normal to forget things on occasion, it’s a pattern to watch. It’s important to keep your brain active.

Here are some tips to give your brain a good workout :

Use Your Memory Daily – Your brain needs a workout just like the rest of you. It’s a case of ‘use it or lose it’, so use your brain every day. Try crosswords, for example, or read a section of the newspaper you’d normally skip. You might also take a different route to work, for example, or learn another language or how to play a musical instrument. Play this mind games at least once a day for just couple minutes, and after a month or two you should be amazed by the progress. Just make sure to be consistent.

See Your Friends – You’re not an island, dude. Depression and stress can both lead to memory loss, which is why you’ll want to socialize often – especially if you live alone. Be with others and take them up on their invitations. Life gets better when you do.

Organize Your Life! – You lose points with a cluttered home because you’re more likely to forget stuff. So make lists and notes of appointments and things to do in a special notebook or on your calendar. Heck, download an app on your iPod and write down what needs to get done. Speak it out loud too, to reinforce it in your memory, and check-off your tasks when completed.

While we’re on the subject, try to stay focused on the task at hand and limit distractions. You’re more likely to recall information if you concentrate specifically on that rather than multi-tasking. Put another way, focus on what you want to remember later and you’re in better shape to remember it quickly.

Sleep Well – Shut-eye helps your memory. Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep each night. So make time for adequate rest – go to bed earlier if you have to and work on your sleep hygiene. Your memory will thank you when you try to remember stuff the next day.

Eat Healthy – Do you see a pattern here? Your memory likes healthy living. That extends to your diet, with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Opt for low-fat protein, like fish and skinless poultry. Drink plenty of water too, and watch the alcohol intake.

Exercise Daily – This boosts blood flow throughout your body. That includes your noggin. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity (like walking) each week, says the Department of Health and Human Services, or 75 minutes of something with greater intensity, like jogging, though even a few 10 minute brisk walks per day will suffice in a pinch.

Stay in Touch With Your Doctor – Chronic conditions can affect your memory, to say nothing about the rest of your health. So follow your doctor’s recommendations, be it for depression, your kidneys or anything else in your medical history. Review your medications often with your doctor as well – some medications can reduce your memory.

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Why Do We Need Memory Supplements ?

Supplements for memory is important for memory enhancement. To choose the right brain or memory booster supplements you need to check the ingredients used. Make sure you are familiar with each ingredients and their side effects.

What Are The Best Vitamins & Herbs For Memory ?

Most of the best memory or brain enhancing supplements use the following herbs and vitamins to help improve memory :

Gingko Biloba : This is the most well known herbs to help with memory. Almost all supplements that help improve memory will include this ingredient on their list. This ingredient is designed to enhance blood flow to your brain, and therefore, helps you think and retain information better.

DHA Complex : Many memory improvement supplements include DHA Complex because it contains Omega-3 fatty acid which helps to create and retain memory by fluidizing proteins in brain cells.

Vitamin B12 : This is one of the well known vitamins that are good for improving memory. A study published by British journal of Neurology discover that people with lack of vitamin B12 were most likely to suffer from brain atrophy by six times compare to people with sufficient vitamin B12. Some studies also reveal the high correlation between people with vitamin B12 and higher cognition, performance on both semantic and episodic memory.

Vitamin B5 : This vitamin is an important ingredient that supports an essential neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine. Since it plays a very important role in brain function, many people refer it as “the memory chemical”.

Vitamin B9 : Folic acid is used by your body to make RNA and DNA. It also works with vitamin B12 to use iron and produce red blood cells throughout the body. According to study, people with sufficient folic acid tend to have slower cognitive decline than other people who are lack of it.

Tyrosine : An amino-acid that enhance dopamine – a vitamins for memory and focus. It is a precursor to adrenaline  and norepinephrine brain chemicals, both of which help energy level, sex drive and moods. Tyrosine may help you sleep better and may even help you stay calm under pressure.

There are many other natural memory enhancer used on memory improvement supplements that we didn’t mention, however, the above list are the essential ingredients that will get you started in choosing the best brain boosting vitamins and supplements for memory and concentration. You can click here for complete list of natural ingredients along with their description and side effects.