Best Android Games 2016

The world of mobile gaming is still as exciting as ever despite the fact that most gamers were falling out of love with the use of in-app payments after the ‘free-to-play’ market was introduced.

Do you want to be lost in a port of GTA where you spend time mowing down pedestrians, or you just want one that will last the length of a commute? Well, you have come to the right place because there is a game for you.

This is a list of top free games, paid for games and some in-app payments games. This list is constantly updated and if you feel we have left something special off of the list, contact us, and we will see if it is worthy of inclusion.

You can trust our selection because we properly play each game we test.


snake-birdThis game is one of the most brain-smashingly devious puzzlers we have ever seen. With all the vibrant colors and strange cartoon ‘snakebirds’ that make odd noises, it certainly does not look or sound difficult. To get the most out of Snakebird, you need to be a bit of a masochist.

The birds must crawl out of the claustrophobic floating islands literally supporting each other while searching for fruit. When you think you have gotten forward, you fail time and time again. The game was designed very precisely.

But despite the fact that the game is surprisingly arduous, you feel a sense of reward when you finish a particularly tough level. That you might start considering yourself as a gaming genius.

Warp Shift

warp-shiftWarp Shift is a game that has children’s animation vibe about it. The expressive Pi floats about boxes colored brightly, searching for a way to get home.

It is a bit too simple in the beginning as you easily slide the boxes and tap the buttons to make Pi scoot about. But as the game progresses, you are clobbered with additional tests like lined up colored doors, rescuing a cuboid chum, you need enough stars to unlock subsequent stages as you move limits.

Wrap Shift is a game that proves to be stimulating as well as captivating. It is a mix of familiar mechanics, enchanting visuals, and increasingly difficult challenges.

Rush Rally 2

rushrally2Rush Rally 2 is a game that strikes you as being an arcade game or a simulator, but it is not because it absolutely lacks the speed of most car racing games. It becomes more fun as you progress.

It has a sedate standard rally mode, but your car is thrown up a hillside when you mess up a turn. There are also weird missions like avoiding missiles as you navigate the hairpin bend and so many others.

Rush Rally 2 beings to make sense once you play Rally Cross mode.  Other cars are used as brakes to spin off into the gravel. Before accelerating the engine and blazing your car back on the trail. It is just as gleefully exciting and even more challenging when you are bombing down the final straight, and you reach the chequered flag by fractions of a second.

Captain Cowboy

captaincowboycover-620x350Captain Cowboy is superb and exciting; it starts with Captain Cowboy being suddenly propelled into a gargantuan space maze. The perfect title suits the game, in this game, you grab diamonds from digging dirt and avoiding getting crushed within the asteroid.

It has a space bus stops, space disc, nasty space laser turrets and also floaty space bits. Although we have not yet found some of those things, we plan to continue trying. But we are told it is there.


fotonica-3FOTONICA is among the most gorgeous games that currently exist. The Canabalt game is where FOTONICA is gotten from. In this game, You go through a delicate and surreal Rez-like, 3D vector landscape, and you gain speed when holding the screen and when you lift a finger you soar into the air.

You can ramp up your high scores in this game by playing the eight very different and finite challenges. This allows you learn multi-level pathways as you gain bonus points. You can then play three endless zones with wit, in order to get a hold with this dreamlike runner.


touchgrindThis is not the most immediate of game titles but somehow manages to evoke the feel of skateboarding as your fingers become tiny legs that urge the board about the screen. The game looks a bit like when you watch telly, you might narrow your eyes at so-called ‘realism’ in mobile sports titles.

It is packed with a lot of interesting stuff and with its intricate and responsive control system that enables you to perform different kinds of tricks. The tutorial of this game is important as you really need to master and memorize each step fully and not just only to run through.  This game provides the most rewarding and fluid experiences on mobile as you master various tricks with your miniature skateboard.

Leo s Fortune

leosfortuneThe word ‘premium’ now remains almost meaningless as the bars set for modern mobile gaming is so low. Leo’s Fortune has gone against the trend by setting the bars high and truly deserves the term ‘premium’. Leo’s Fortune features a furball who searches for his gold by hunting down the thief and at regular intervals drops coins along a lengthy, perilous pathway.

Starting from the protagonist’s animation through to the lush backdrops the game is visually stunning, and its pace occasionally varies.