Baby Jogger City Select Double

Baby Jogger City Select is a top stroller that can turn into a double stroller from a single one with more cabinets, with a car seat adapter. It has a different combination of sitting arrangements. The other parts of the baby jogger city select double have adjustable handles, canopy, and storage basket. It is a modern design with an excellent presentation. It’s designed to be used in school, working along the neighborhood. It glides with little efforts. The single is 24Ibs and 34 lbs for the double mode. This is a great stroller to have if you are planning on having another child, all you have to is to buy another seat to be attached to the Baby Jogger City Select Double.


-Big Canopy:  This has a kind of canopy that will protect your baby from the incoming UV light.

-Telescoping Handle Bar:  The adjustable handlebar is used to raise the baby jogger.

-Roomy seat: The seat is spacious. This also crucial for your new baby, you will need a car adapter. The seat can be flip to face you or the people.

-Fabric: The materials can be removed by washing in a cold or hot water with a detergent. Don’t use a dryer to dry it to avoid it from shrinking. All you need do is to spread it on a surface.

5 point harness: The Baby Jogger City Select is made of five point harness.

-Storage pocket:  There is a medium sized pocket at the back of the seat. You can keep your key and phones in this pocket.

Second Seat:  This stroller is imperative because it allows you to convert the single to the double seat. This is crucial when you are considering having a second baby.  All you will need to do is to add a seat to it separately.

-Footrest: The foot rest is very adjustable and makes your child very convenient.

-Huge basket:  This large basket allows you to go grocery shopping with that kind of basket.

-Wheels: The City Select is four wheels with a forever all forever-air tires that will never go flat.

-Parking brake:  The Baby Jogger City Select Double has a brake in the handle; this makes it easy to press while your leg is not placed on the feet brake.

-Easy fold:  The Baby Jogger City Select Double is very easy to fold.

-Stability:  The double stroller has an excellent balance just like the single Baby Jogger City Select. This means that it will not flip and your second child can be placed on it.

Cons of Baby Jogger City Select Double

-Weight: The stroller weighs 28 lbs with the single seat. And increases to 34 lbs with the second seat, which is massive. That means that the lifting will be an uphill task.  So if you are looking for a light stroller, this might not be a perfect choice for you.

-It does not have automatic lock:  I wish they had an automatic lock to the stroller. But they can still add it in their next upgrade.

-The Quality of Seat Materials: The seat material is very durable but a bit scratchy. I wish they use a more soft material that will allow the baby to rest the more.


Baby Jogger, The Baby Jogger City Double, gives one year warranty.

Available colors

City Select always have different types of colors to choose from: ruby, quartz, amethyst(looks like light gray to me).

Where to buy it

You can get your new Baby Jogger City Select Double on Amazon. It usually has a low price coupled with free shipping.  The color also determines the real cost of each one.