4L60e Transmission Rebuild Kit

There is a sense of accomplishment if you managed to rebuild your GM 4L60e transmission. It is something that you cannot get if you simply replace the transmission with a new one. But if you really want your project to be successful, you need to choose the replacement parts from a reputable manufacturer. Otherwise, your project will fail and you end up with a dysfunctional transmission. These are the things you can get from a great rebuild kit.


This 4L60e rebuild kit will make rebuilding transmission much easier because it contains complete and high quality parts. The kit contains 3-4 power pack that can enhance the durability of the transmission, deep pan filter, bushing kit, steel module, gasket set and 2-4 band.

Furthermore, even though you will not get OEM parts, but you don’t have to worry about the quality. Besides, you definitely know that sometimes replacement parts can even be better than the original. This kit contains heavy duty plates that will guarantee the durability of the final project. And since the kit has complete parts, your job is only to reassemble it without having to worry about missing parts.


  • Great fit for a non OEM.
  • Can be used for deep pan units.
  • Complete pack for a transmission rebuild project.


  • It doesn’t come with instruction manual.


If you really want to rebuild your transmission instead of replacing it, then this kit can be a great help for you. It indeed doesn’t come with an instruction manual so unless you are really experienced and know what you are doing, it is better to just take the easy way and replace the transmission. But if you are confident with what you can do, this is the replacement part that you want. Even though this kit is not OEM, the parts fit greatly and it has everything you need to rebuild your transmission.