Maxboost Vs Nonda ZUS Car Charger

Wondering if you should go for the Maxboost or Zus Car Charger. Here is a brief comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Maxboost Car Charger

001-ed3-446x450A universal car charger, the Maxboost is ultra-portable and highly durable. It comes with dual Smart Ports, and it is remarkably strong as well. The strength is derived from an inner layer made of polycarbonate along with a flexible outer molding of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that gives it a softer grip.

Each USB port on the Maxboost dual USB car adapter provides 2.4A for a notable combined output of 4.8A. This is sufficient power for charging an iPad or iPhone at the maximum speed. Most tablets and smartphones that support fast charging can also benefit from using the 2.4A USB output. The dual USB function makes it convenient as users do not need to carry multiple outlets and adapter for their USB-powered devices.

Key features:

  • 24W/4.8A dual USB car charger that charges the both iPhone and iPad at maximum speed, along with most other devices from tablets, smartphones, and digital cameras.
  • Durable double injected frame with an inner polycarbonate layer and a soft, flexible TPU external molding.
  • Maxboost Intelligent circuit architecture to prevent short-circuiting, over-charging, over-heating and over-currents. Charging stops immediately once the battery is fully charged.
  • Smart dual USB ports that automatically identify which mobile device you are using to offer the best charging efficiency.
  • Ultra-portable due to its compact design, featuring 12-24V input and a DC output of 5V 24W/4.8A.
  • One year warranty.

ZUS Car Charger

B01HMF7M38_2._SR300,300_Besides offering USB car charging features, ZUS can also find the location of your car using the companion app that supports both Android and iOS. It will definitely save you time when you have parked your car in a busy environment like a stadium, mall or at an outdoor event. It supports maximum speed charging and offers a warranty period of one year. Customer service is also very friendly and is available every day of the week. Ensure you use your original cables when charging for optimal usage or third-party certified ones.

Key features

  • 8A/24W car charger with dual USB ports and a proprietary elegant-shine lighting.
  • Locate your car using the free Android/iOS app regardless of where you parked.
  • Fast charging available since it first identifies the device and then optimizes the best charge to offer.
  • Built with military grade standards, including a titanium coating and German Bayer PC material to tolerate very hot weather.
  • Winner of two prestigious international awards for best product design.