125cc Dirt Bike

Dirt biking is a very popular activity nowadays. Dirt biking is not an exclusive activity for professional because everybody who loves some adrenaline rush can also do it. As a matter of fact, this is a popular activity for kids and little children from age 7 or 8 already starts to get its own dirt bike.

If you are a beginner or you want to buy a proper dirt bike for your kids, 125cc dirt bike can be a very perfect choice. There are plenty of models you can choose according to your preference and experience and it is a very safe start to begin exploring the exciting world of dirt biking.


125cc dirt bike might not be something you will see in a professional dirt bike race. However, it is a great place to start if you want to adjust yourself with the challenging terrain. If 100cc is too easy for you, it is the time to upgrade to125cc. 125cc bike is the perfect size for those under 150 lbs. This is not as light as 100cc but easier to handle compared to 250cc. This dirt bike can help you to ride comfortably yet excitingly even if you don’t have enough level of experience.


  • Perfect for beginners who want more challenging routine.
  • Pretty powerful but still easy to ride.
  • Safe for kids with adequate dirt biking experience.


  • It is less powerful compared to bigger CCs bike.


Overall, 125cc dirt bike is a safe choice for beginners that already have a little bit of experience. It is still very easy to control but in the same time it is heavier so it can pose more challenges to the rider. 125cc is the right size for kids around 15 years old who have outgrown their 80 or 100cc dirt bike. It is also the right size for adults who still cannot handle the feel of 250cc bikes.